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June 1, 2017

Addressing Transactional Development

The purpose of development is to close the gap between demands and abilities. Professional gaps are fluid for Airmen due to frequently changing titles, duty locations, ranks and personal goals. The Air Force attempts to provide baseline skills through training and professional military education, but too often these efforts are completed as transactions: completing requirement X provides benefit Y. Under the Full Range Leadership Model, transactional leadership behaviors result in follower compliance and the pursuit of superficial rewards. The leader’s emphasis is typically on performance in the current rating period or short-term career requirements.

July 16, 2013

My vacation to Moore, Okla.

I was on vacation in Oklahoma at the end of May, to visit family. My wife and I were actually looking forward to a change in climate and the potential for some thunderstorms, but were not expecting what would come May 20. I grew up in central Oklahoma, in the areas directly affected by the recent EF-5 tornado. which devastated the place I call

May 30, 2013

'An Innovator's DNA:' Col. John Boyd

Surprisingly, few Airmen have heard of Col. John Boyd, with far fewer aware of his innovative contributions to the advancement of modern-day air power. As the month of May closes and the Air Staff feverishly reviews the thousands of innovative ideas submitted by young Airmen, I thought it appropriate to recognize an Airman who committed his entire