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  • Techniques for Feedback up the Chain of Command

    If you’re in the Air Force, you have likely attended a commander's call where all attendees are encouraged to leverage open-door policies, speak truth to power, and provide feedback up the chain of command to help accelerate the changes needed in today's Air Force.

  • Moral courage and feedback

    One of the privileges of command, being a supervisor, and arguably, being a trusted family member and friend, is shaping and influencing others' lives. We increase our humanity through relationships, and it requires an uncommon commitment to value all people and seek to help them achieve their very

  • Changing the MQ-9 Employment Paradigm

    For the last two decades MQ-9 operational squadrons have been flying near continuous combat missions in the Middle East and North Africa. However, starting at the beginning of October, a select group of professionals operating the MQ-9 Reaper weapons system began a new approach to bolster their

  • Time Managment for the Military Leader

    Time and space. These are not just buzz words used by our newly formed U.S. Space Force but also valued, bounded commodities for oneself, especially today's military leader. The global pandemic has altered or broken countless paradigms once held true; among these is how the military leader manages

  • Sun setting the MQ-1 Predator: A commander’s farewell

    As we draw closer to the March 9, 2018 sunset of the MQ-1 Predator, as the commander of the 15th Attack Squadron, the last squadron in Air Combat Command to operate the venerable aircraft, I have been asked numerous times for my thoughts about the retirement of the “Pred.” I will attempt to explain

  • Blended Retirement System Problem - You Could Lose Matching Contributions

    If you're in the blended retirement system and max out, or nearly max out, your yearly contribution to your thrift savings plan, listen up! The matching contributions are not as straightforward as they seem. The yearly maximum in 2018 you can contribute to your TSP is $18,500. Also, BRS will match

  • Addressing Transactional Development

    The purpose of development is to close the gap between demands and abilities. Professional gaps are fluid for Airmen due to frequently changing titles, duty locations, ranks and personal goals. The Air Force attempts to provide baseline skills through training and professional military education,

  • My vacation to Moore, Okla.

    I was on vacation in Oklahoma at the end of May, to visit family. My wife and I were actually looking forward to a change in climate and the potential for some thunderstorms, but were not expecting what would come May 20. I grew up in central Oklahoma, in the areas directly affected by the recent