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This page contains descriptions of sexual misconduct that may be triggering to some individuals. Click here to return to the home page.

***You do not have to tell law enforcement or your commander about your sexual assault in order to receive care or assistance***

If you are in need of immediate and confidential assistance, please visit htps:// or chat live with someone now. For additional information, visit the DAF SAPR page.

The following data includes brief descriptions of sexual misconduct followed by disciplinary action issued to the guilty party. Outcomes are grouped by year and sorted by month.

Disciplinary Action Issued for Sexual Misconduct

  • 2024

    December 2024

    November 2024

    October 2024

    September 2024

    August 2024

    July 2024

    June 2024

    May 2024

    April 2024

    March 2024

    No current record of sexual misconduct disciplinary actions for March 2024.

    February 2024

    No current record of sexual misconduct disciplinary actions for February 2024.

    January 2024

    Administrative Action

    Abusive Sexual Contact, Article 120, UCMJ – A Staff Sergeant touched the breast of another military member without her consent.  Due to evidentiary issues, the member received a Letter of Reprimand instead of nonjudicial punishment or court-martial. The member is now subject to the mandatory initiation of administrative discharge proceedings.

    Nonjudicial Punishment

    Sexual Harassment, Article 92, UCMJ – A Staff Sergeant made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature to three female military members.  The Staff Sergeant accepted an Article 15 for this misconduct, and the punishment included a reduction in grade to Senior Airman, forfeitures of $1,457.00 pay per month for 2 months with 1 month suspended, and a reprimand.