Goal: To connect local community leaders with the leadership at Creech AFB in an effort to establish long-lasting, beneficial relationships. 

Program Overview

Public trust and community support are vital to a strong military installation. Our Airmen and their families work and live in Las Vegas. The local community affects every aspect of our Airmen's daily lives. 

The Creech Civic Leader Program enables a healthy relationship between the base and the local area and is an integral piece to our overall community outreach efforts. 


Marco Contreras, 867th Attack Squadron Civic Leader -- 

"There's a lot of great work, real work, going on at Creech Air Force Base. I get to come to base and see Airmen that are keeping us safe at night by taking the fight to the enemy- not allowing them to train, build up and attack us like they did on 9/11.

It's my duty to learn about the mission and bring it back to Las Vegas in hopes of connecting the civilian world and creating a bridge to what's happening on Creech Air Force Base." 

What to expect

Civic Leaders are partnered with a commander on base. This creates one-on-one opportunities to inform and educate local community leaders about the mission of the USAF and Creech AFB. 
Time spent with program is dependent on each unique relationship between a commander and a Civic Leader. Typically, Civic Leaders will participate in 2-3 events per quarter and serve a 2-year term. 
Events to Anticipate: 
Civic Leader Induction Ceremony 
On-Base Ceremonies 
Holiday Parties 
Base Tours
Mission Briefings 
Bi-annual Luncheons 

Application Process

Eligibility: Civic Leaders must... 

  • Be a United States citizen 
  • Be a leader in local/regional community affairs 
  • Be able a willing to devote a reasonable amount of time as a civic leader for the installation
  • NOT be an employee of the Federal Government 
  • NOT be an elected or appointed official (or paid employee of a political party) 
  • NOT be an Active, Retired, Separated or Standby member of the military armed forces 
  • NOT be newspaper, tv or radio reporter 

If you meet these requirements and are interested in being a Creech AFB Civic Leader, please fill out this form and submit to 432wg.pa@us.af.mil