MQ-9, Crew and more

Attending your air show

Our unit has the only model MQ-9 Reaper in the Air Force inventory and has only been traveling to air shows since summer 2017.


We only attend events that will help the 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing achieve the goal of educating the American Public on Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operations. In addition to educating the public on how our pilot, enlisted sensor operator, maintenance and intelligence career fields work together to make the enterprise a success.


The MQ-9 Reaper Static Display is a full size model and requires approximately 9 maintenance personnel to assemble.


In addition, we send 2 aircrews (pilot x2, sensor operators x2 and intel analysist x2) and a team of 1-2 Public Affairs specialists to document participation in events, coordinate media and social media coverage and ensure we handle any other special requests/questions from our host/wing commander.


The MQ-9 Static Request Form contains all additional items needed to be considered for the static's attendance at your air show. Please submit to to start coordination.