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Nov. 8, 2021

Team 432 Chaplain’s legacy lives on

Whether it’s working as a United States Air Force chaplain, a U.S. Army Apache helicopter pilot, an enlisted airborne infantryman, a husband or even a father, Matthew Mendenhall dedicated his career to loving and caring for others.

Oct. 12, 2021

Looking Back on ACE

Oct. 6, 2021

AFOQT: Breaking the Language Barrier

The Department of the Air Force recently made changes to its qualifying test for officers. By reducing the mandatory delay between tests from 180 to 90 days and allowing for ‘super-scoring’ of test subcategories, much like college SAT and ACT scoring, DAF is making headway in modernizing its approach to accessions and human capital management.

Sept. 17, 2021

Team 432 runs 9/11 memorial 5K

Airmen from the 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing ran during a 9/11 memorial 5K at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, Sep. 10, 2021.

Sept. 14, 2021

Exercise ACE Reaper debuts in Hawaii

Airmen and Marines from across the country joined together for the first Agile Combat Employment Reaper exercise which kicked off Sept. 8 and is expected to run through Oct. 8, 2021. This exercise is one of the very few times the MQ-9 Reapers have flown in the Pacific. Approximately 60 service members from Holloman AFB; the 432d Wing at Creech AFB, Nevada; and Marine Corps Base, Hawaii are slated to participate in the exercise.

Sept. 10, 2021

Mental Health Perspectives on Extremism in the Ranks

In February 2021, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III directed all units across the Department of Defense to hold stand-down days over a 60-day window to address extremism in the ranks. The stand-down days involved deep conversations and specifically served as a focused reminder of the Oath of Office all service members must take. A mental health perspective could help identify why some members get involved in Violent Extremist Organizations (VEOs) or conduct extremist acts. Additionally, addressing risk factors may help prevent service members from venturing down this path.

Aug. 24, 2021

489th ATKS utilizes new MQ-9 Capability

The 489th Attack Squadron recently made history as the first attack squadron under the 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing to utilize the MQ-9 Reaper’s Automatic Takeoff and Landing Capability (ATLC) Aug 3, 2021, during a routine training flight.

July 16, 2021

Accelerating Change: Addressing Space Threats to RPA Operations

As the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) enterprise shifts focus from counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations (COIN/CT), it is paramount the elephant in the room is addressed: beyond line of sight (BLOS) RPA operations dependencies on civilian satellite communication (SATCOM).

July 16, 2021

Air Force Surgeon General visits Hunters

Lt. Gen. Robert Miller, Surgeon General of the Air Force and Space Force, and U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Dawn Kolczynski, medical enlisted force and enlisted corps chief, visited Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, July 14, 2021, to gain a better sense of the 432nd Wing’s mission and scope of the 99th Medical Group’s responsibilities.

July 14, 2021

MQ-9 Agile Combat Employment: A Big Step Closer to Reality

The 556th Test and Evaluation Squadron proved the MQ-9 Reaper’s Automatic Takeoff and Landing Capability (ATLC) is ready as of July 8, 2021, enabling crews to divert to airfields without traditional launch and recovery infrastructure or personnel. This capability is a key enabler for MQ-9 Agile Combat Employment and, combined with the MQ-9’s next software upgrade and receipt of the portable aircraft control station, will change how it will be employed in theaters worldwide.