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Nov. 19, 2008

Holidays call for “whole family” approach to safety

When families gather for the holidays, it's natural to 'keep an eye out' for groups of nieces and nephews, sons and daughters excited to play together during seasonal celebrations. Airmen thoughtfully "childproof" their homes and check Christmas lights for faults that might lead to a shock. Families check websites for product safety recalls and

Sept. 9, 2008

Communication key to climate: Take part in your Air Force Climate Survey so you can help create “climate change”

In the coming weeks, your team will begin reading and hearing a lot about climate. Not the type of 'climate' that's warming or cooling, but the type of climate your organization creates in the workplace. Every three years, the Air Force takes a focused look inside our organization to discover what's really on Airmen's minds; in essence, what type