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May 20, 2009

Hunter 1 Departs

Over two years ago, when Lt Gen Norman Seip, 12 AF commander, called with an exciting opportunity to stand up a wing from scratch, I knew we were about to begin an important journey with some of the finest Airmen the Air Force has to offer. Being designated the first Unmanned Aircraft Systems Wing in the Air Force, there were definitely some

May 6, 2009

Hunters continue to provide support to warriors in OIF, OEF

Only four months into the New Year, we've continued to put forth our best efforts and the end results have spoken volumes. The success we've had has resulted in a higher demand for what we do. As operations in Afghanistan and Iraq continue, so does the need for providing real-time reconnaissance, surveillance, and precision attack. Our

Feb. 20, 2009

Victory through knowledge and valor

With the arrival of the 432d Wing's 66th birthday, on Feb. 22nd, each member of the Hunters team has an opportunity to reflect more fully on the unit's distinguished history and the rich and enduring legacy that is their inheritance. The 432d has a remarkable record of accomplishments, from days distant and recent, and a clear promise of future