There for you: Creech Chaplains put the RST in ‘Present’

  • Published
  • By Mr. Robert Brooks
  • 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

You may see them on a routine visit to your squadron, or as a fly on the wall at a commander’s call. You may see them speak at a retirement, promotion, town hall or even a change of command ceremony.  

However, every Creech Chaplain wants you to know that they will, above all, make themselves available when you need them most. Whether it’s at the hospital for you or your family, at the squadron to help you through a tough time, or when you need someone to just listen to guide you through a tough relationship, family issue or help you with some coping skills to make things a little brighter.

Family adjustments during 2020 have been very challenging for everyone.  Some Airmen have experienced cancelled leave or professional travel for training.  Some have seen their dream assignment pushed, while others experienced not being able to walk their daughter down the aisle at their wedding.  Many relationships have been strained through this difficult time.  The RST recognizes these stressors and many more. 

The RST provides advice on matters related to religious, spiritual, ethical, moral and morale concerns from top-to-bottom of every unit.  Not only a voice of reason to Airmen, Chaplains listen and advise every leader, from wing commander to first sergeant, to assist them as they lead Airmen from every background.  

“The chaplain team is a core part of our care for airmen.” said Col. Jason Bell, 432nd Wing, 432nd Air Expeditionary Wing vice commander.  “They are everywhere, in all spaces, and they offer a wide range of spiritual support to help our Airmen.  We just can’t do this without them.”

From intimate settings, to mass gatherings, the RST team are trained and equipped to make every visit or passing chat an opportunity for mentorship. One example of targeted settings for whole-Airman growth are Comprehensive Airman Fitness (CAF) days. 

CAF days provide an opportunity for units to facilitate a 30 minute discussion on a topic of concern or trend identified through a Spiritual Fitness Assessment, provided by the Human Performance Team, for a given unit, while engaging in morale-boosting activities.  

When the anonymous assessment is completed by several members of a unit and the results compiled, it can identify a common indicator.  This assessment can help tailor the discussion and provide critical thinking to improve the overall spiritual fitness of the squadron, group or wing, such as the Spiritual Fitness Indicator for hope.

“There is hope,” said Capt. Matt, base chaplain, “you are loved and we care about you, we pray for you, we think about you, and we are available to you, and it matters to us that you are okay.  You are not alone.  You may feel alone sometimes, but you are not alone.”  

Taking care of your mental, physical, social and spiritual health is important to maintain good order and discipline to meet the Air Force mission, live a long and healthy life and take care of yourself and your family.

The RST has found creative ways to maintain a sense of normal during this abnormal time of COVID-19.  With social distancing, they conduct backyard gatherings for group discussions, parking lot confessions, virtual pre-marital counseling with a social distance wedding and they attend multiple town halls with senior leadership all to support our Airmen.

“We are available to you for confidential counseling,” said Staff Sgt. Moses, NCOIC of Readiness and Training, “We will take care of you the best way we can and we will be your ultimate wingman.”

You are not alone, and you are cared for by your chaplain team. Reach them 24/7:
-    Phone: (702) 404-0891 
-    E-mail:
-    For emergencies after duty hours, please contact the Nellis Command Post at (702) 652-2446/2447 & ask for the “432nd Wing Duty Chaplain.”