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March 6, 2017

Wounded warriors participate at 2017 AFW2

Col. David, 432nd Wing/432 Air Expeditionary Wing vice commander presents a medal to an Air Force Wounded Warrior Trials competitor after competing in the wheelchair basketball competition March 1, 2017, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. Competitors participated in the basketball tournament until a third, second and first place team were awarded. The

March 3, 2017

Family first: Honoring Creech families

Creech Airmen and their families were honored with a ‘Family Day’, March 1, 2017 that highlighted the missions of the 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing and the 799th Air Base Group. The event provided an opportunity for military members to educate, inspire and spend time with loved ones.

March 3, 2017

Creech Air Force Base News Release


March 3, 2017

Life of a Warrior continues at Creech

The first two lines of the Airman’s Creed are, “I am an American Airman. I am a warrior.” Like the creed suggests, every Airman who wears the uniform has a responsibility to embody a lifestyle and mindset that reflects these values. Leading a warrior’s lifestyle is no easy task, but for Airmen at Creech Air Force Base, the Life of a Warrior program offers them the opportunity to build on the four pillars of resiliency: mental, physical, social and spiritual.

Feb. 23, 2017

National African American History Month: Reflecting a lineage of core values

African-American influence is infused with the American culture foundation, and transcends generations of segregation and oppression. African-American authors, civil rights activists and even Air Force pilots forged the way forward, and broke down racial barriers through literary influence, civil rights demonstrations and service to country. To commemorate and acknowledge these figures, National African American History Month honors those who have made significant contributions toward equality, justice and innovation that helped shape the Air Force as we know it today. Their idealism currently lives on through many Airmen as they serve their country.

Feb. 23, 2017

AF prepares for all MQ-9 force

For the past 21 years the Air Force has flown the remotely piloted MQ-1 Predator in combat, and for the last 10, the MQ-9 Reaper. Combined with a skilled aircrew, these aircraft provide consistent support in daily engagements making an impact downrange. While the MQ-1 has provided many years of service, the time has come for the Air Force to fly the more capable MQ-9 exclusively, and retire the MQ-1 in early 2018 to keep up with the continuously evolving battlespace environment.

Feb. 1, 2017

The golden hour: A military responder

The date is Aug. 11, 2016. Glass and debris lie scattered across the pavement amongst puddles of oil and brake fluid. The hiss of passing traffic is mixed with slow, faint gasps for air as sweltering heat waves radiate across the Las Vegas highway. A woman stumbles about, confused, an unresponsive man lies on the gravel and two other individuals sit motionless in a crushed automobile.

Feb. 1, 2017

Air Force ink: A cultural evolution

Culture is an ever-changing manifestation of arts and intellect. It allows for people of all shapes, ethnicities and backgrounds alike to express themselves through tattoos where their pride, beliefs or imaginative elements are forever inked in their skin. For approximately 20 years, the Air Force reinforced a policy that prohibited excessive tattoos. Airmen or those interested in pursuing a career in the Air force were not allowed to display a body marking that exceeded 25 percent of an exposed body part. However, as of Feb. 1, 2017, a new policy is in effect in order to expand the eligibility for future Airmen to serve and to also retain those who currently serve.

Jan. 25, 2017

MQ-1 airstrike stops car bomb

The MQ-1 Predator aircrew sat in the ground control station focused intently on their screens. Tension filled the air as they assessed the situation and began calculating the risks of destroying an armored vehicle suspected of carrying explosives. The remotely piloted aircraft crew started their shift the same as any other, attending the crew brief before flight. As they arrived in the GCS, the battle environment was changing, thrusting them into a life-or-death situation.

Jan. 24, 2017

The eye in the sky: MQ-1, MQ-9s provide increased awareness

Situational awareness is the ability to know what is happening around a person at any given time. This is especially important for military members, more specifically, troops on the ground. For the men and women operating MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft, their skills of providing unmatched SA is highly demanded from the ground forces to the combatant commanders.