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Video by Airman 1st Class William Rosado
Dormant, not deactivated: 42nd ATKS end of operations
432nd Wing Public Affairs
Jan. 28, 2020 | 1:42
The 42nd Attack Squadron ended its combat operations and flew its final sortie down-range out of Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, Jan. 31, 2020.

Col. Landon Quan:
The 42nd Attack Squadron originally started in June of 1917, during the days of World War 1. Fast forward to 2006, the 42nd stood up as the MQ-9 community’s only formal training unit and then quickly transitioned into combat operations.
Our job is to save lives of American servicemen, Coalition servicemen and civilians overseas and we do that through a number of different ways. One of those is close air support. Our other mission is combat search and rescue. We’re out actively looking, finding and bringing a service member home.
MSgt Adam:
The 42nd Attack Squadron has been a great family to me. Immediately from the start, I knew our camaraderie was something special that inspired me to come to work to put my best effort forward to make sure our Airmen could do our job and take care of each other.
Col. Landon Quan:
Our community right now is going through a major transition. We’re growing and a part of the cost of growth is to put the squadron in a dormant status.
MSgt Adam:
Everybody you talk to that’s been a Death Dealer, they always talk about how the mission is different from day to day as you come into work.
Col. Landon Quan:
Through my 18 years in the Air Force, this is my third assignment in this squadron. It’s actually very emotional for me to see what we started, the progress that we’ve made in our missions, in training our people, and now the end of the squadron, at least for now. I’m very proud of our people and the mission that we’ve been able to accomplish and I look forward to seeing what’s next for the 42nd.

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