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The OSS will provide standardized, process-driven intelligence, weather, and targeting support to the combat squadrons in the 732nd OG.

732nd OSS activates, sets RPA group up for success

The 732nd Operations Support Squadron activated at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, during an assumption of command Jan. 23, 2019. The black and white globe representing the 732nd OG and its persistent reach. The bow symbolizes the Archers in the 732nd OSS while the single blue arrow represents the cutting edge support provided by the squadron to the OG. The blue arrow from the Archers’ bow is piercing through a black field leaving a red trail in its wake. The black field represents the unknown future of global combat, while the red area signifies the breaking of barriers to clear the way for combat operations. The four white arrows represent the continuous projection of force to the four corners of the world from the OG into the unknown; a direct result of the Archers’ ability to be on target on time, every time. (U.S. Air Force courtesy graphic)

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