432d Maintenance Squadron celebrates its first year at Creech

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Lanora Rodriguez
  • 432d Maintenance Group Training Section chief
One year ago, on Aug. 22, 2008, our 432d Maintenance Squadron officially began performing maintenance operations services for the MQ-1B Predator, MQ-9 Reaper and their ground control stations.

Our mission as the 432 MXS is to perform on and off-equipment maintenance and maintenance operations services for the Predator and Reaper aircraft. Our squadron also performs operations services for ground control stations in support of aircrew training and Overseas Contingency Operations.

Our members are extremely proud to play a historic role in shaping the 432d Wing's critical responsibilities.

Mr. Theodore Turner, 432d Wing historian, states it best when he says, "the 432 MXS, a professional and proven group of warriors, have taken their rightful place among the 432d Wing's famed 'Hunters' in support of the first remotely piloted vehicle wing in the Air Force. Today, the men and women of the 432 MXS perform essential operations services."

To mark our first birthday as Hunters, we celebrated in Hanger 1009 with an array of events including a barbeque and some friendly competition.

The day began with a commander's call which highlighted our squadron's past and present accomplishments. In the past year, Airmen of the 432 MXS successfully coordinated $17 million in mission-driven facility modifications and effectively met all the training needs of the 432d Wing. With the past year a success, we turned our gaze to the future and discussed section-specific goals.

As the day went on, our 432 MXS personnel participated in flight versus flight competitions and a unit-wide barbeque. This kind of camaraderie is indicative of the true esprit de corps and teamwork our squadron shares.

Over the last year, we've diligently supported the ground force commanders' insatiable demand for remotely piloted vehicles. We will continue to keep our Predators and Reapers airborne and capable of providing vital information and precision engagement to the troops on the ground.