432nd Security Forces Squadron advances training

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Victoria Nuzzi
  • 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

The 432nd Security Forces Squadron is advancing its capabilities with a new training innovation called the StressVest™.

The Canadian company Setcan™ created the StressVest™ as a non-projectile firearm training system. The vest creates stress in the wearer by delivering a small electric shock or minimal vibration to the abdomen.

The vest also utilizes a training weapon that fires a laser that strikes the vest. The vest is then activated and delivers an electric shock or vibrates. The Electric M4 Training Rifle features a realistic recoil system, functional bolt release and an available precision laser to allow for long-range shots up to 100 meters.

The system also has multiple advantages; it can operate through most clothing, requires no safety equipment or projectiles, requires no special training to utilize, can shoot through different materials and allows users to be face-mask-free.

“We used to run around with blue guns and use our voices to say bang bang,” said Staff Sgt. Cody Connor from the 432nd Security Forces Squadron. “ The StressVest™ makes it’s realistic. It looks like a real gun and creates a more realistic training scenario.”

Creech Air Force Base received the first StressVest™ a year ago as of this writing. Shortly after, Setcan™ came and gave Airmen from the 432nd SFS instructor-level classes on the equipment. After the classes, the 432nd SFS began training with the StressVest™.

The first large-scale exercise that utilized the StressVest™ took place on Sept. 20, 2023. The exercise was an active shooter scenario. It took place at the Wing Headquarters Building.

“We could see that they engaged with the individual during the exercise,” said Connor. “ We also saw that they were aiming and used the training aids. The exercise went really well.”

The 432nd SFS started influencing other bases by showing them the innovation and even writing a bullet background for Air Combat Command. ACC reviewed the bullet background and has decided to implement it across ACC in the future. Airmen from the 432nd SFS also showed it to Gen. Mark Kelly, commander of Air Combat Command, as part of his visit to Creech AFB on Nov. 6, 2023.

“Nellis came down last week and requested to use the StressVest™ for their active shooter exercise,” said Tech. Sgt. Trenton Patterson from the 432nd SFS. “ We taught them how to use the system. They also purchased some of their own gear. They are looking to get exactly what we have.”

This innovation started testing at Creech AFB, but we may see it more in the future at other bases.