20th ATKS undefeated softball season boosts unit comradery

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class William Rio Rosado
  • 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs

The 20th Attack Squadron intramural softball team set a base record at Whiteman this season. The Hellhounds’ 18 wins, zero losses and championship trophy took more than just strikes and homers. It took unit cohesiveness and cooperation.

“It took teamwork outside of the softball team to win at the level we did and it took cooperation as a unit to make the championship a reality,” said Staff Sgt. Brendon, 20th ATKS softball team coach.

The season opener was a close game against civil engineering, ending with the Hellhounds on top, and a score of eight to four. Despite the slim win, the team soon found a lineup and game plan that worked to crush their opponents.

As word traveled throughout the squadron about these wins, the support from their wingmen came quickly.

“Once we knew we had something special, our momentum and attitude resonated throughout the squadron,” said Capt. Josh, left outfielder for the 20th ATKS. “The support we had behind what we were doing was one of the keys to the success we had this season.” Support extended to the operations realm, Airmen within the squadron even offering to cover for players who were on shift work, so they could make history on the field.

Their success can also be credited to the team’s confidence, Josh said. It was contagious in the squadron and on the field.

The Hellhounds scored a total of 323 runs against their opponents, only allowing the opposition to score 84 times throughout the season. They run-rolled their way to the championship, winning every game in the process.

“We showed up every week, and every game, ready to go,” Josh said.

On the way to the playoffs, the Hellhounds faced security forces in what almost turned into their first loss of the season, potentially ruining a nine-game winning streak.

 “We were down a couple players that weekend, and it was a close game going into the last inning,” Brendon said. “Luckily we had some big key hits that put us up a couple runs in the end.”

Brendon has been the coach of the softball team for the last three seasons and his goal this year was to make the playoffs. That quickly changed to winning the championship when everyone realized taking home the trophy was becoming more and more possible.

“Coach Brendon’s attitude kept the team going,” Josh said. “Attitude reflects leadership and Brendon set the standard we carried throughout.”

An undefeated season that ended with the championship came to fruitions thanks to the resiliency, focus, and teamwork of the 20th ATKS.

“Being part of a team makes you closer,” Brendon said. “If you overcome adversity together and you build friendships, I think that carries over into the workplace.”

Here are the members of the Hellhounds that made history at Whiteman AFB; Coach Brendon, Lt. Greg, Airman Dontarius, Lt. Ty, Senior Airman Shawna, Staff Sgt. Josh, Capt. Josh, Lt. Bryan, Master Sgt. Chance, Airman 1st Class Johnny, Capt. Garrett, Civ. Jeff, Lt. Josh, Staff Sgt. Jesus, and Lt. Matthew.