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Informed Decision Seminar- This course is mandatory for all first term and second term Airmen 12-15 months prior to date of separation and is on the reenlistment and separation checklist. Members that are being involuntary separated or medically retired do not have to attend this course.Members that have attended the Informed Decision Seminar and who require an Informed Decision MFR signed by the CAA, can email documents to SMSgt Symone Owens at or call 652-8723 or 404-1729 for the Creech office which is available Tuesdays and Thursdays; MSgt Gary Gaines at, or make an appointment for signature by calling 652-2226 or 404-1729 for the Creech office which is available Tuesdays and Thursdays. This course is offered twice a month at both Nellis and Creech.

NCO Professional Enhancement Seminar- The seminar is held every month at Nellis and Creech. The target audience is staff sergeants and technical sergeants who have not attended a professional military enhancement course within the last two to three years and is now open to company grade officers. This has proven very beneficial for officers that rate on enlisted personnel.

SNCO PES- This seminar is for newly selected master sergeants. This advanced leadership course is offered two times per year and is mandatory per wing leadership. All eligible master sergeants or master sergeant selects will receive an email upon selection.

Retraining 101- Airmen interested in retraining opportunities, special duties, assignments, separation, and information regarding CJRs or if you are in a constrained AFSC, are encouraged to attend this 45 minute brief offered two to three times per month. This course will provide Airmen with the knowledge to apply for career opportunities and assist them to be successful in the process. Supervisors and senior leaders are encouraged to attend this course. This course is for enlisted personnel only.

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"Lunch n Leads"- John C. Maxwell leadership courses offered during the lunch hour, provided at Nellis. All ranks, including civilians, are welcome. Leadership courses are provided at Creech, to register use: or email

AF FORM 964- Anyone who is declining retainability for any reason must be counseled by the career assistance advisor on the significance of this decision and sign off the form prior to it being submitted to AFPC. To make an appointment, call 702-652-USAF or 702-404-1182, or email  or

FTAC- SMSgt Symone Owens is the FTAC Superintendent and TSgt Marco Angulo is the FTAC NCOIC. For any FTAC questions please call 702-652-2206 or 702-679-0991 or email