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Chaplain Corps

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Privileged Communication

The privilege of having absolute & total confidentiality in communications with United States Air Force chaplains is an essential component of the Chaplain Corps ministry. Any communication which a person makes to a chaplain either as a matter of conscience, a spiritual matter, or a formal act of religion such as confession of sins, is covered by privileged communication. In short, the privilege of absolute confidentiality in communications with chaplains belongs to the client, not to the chaplain. There are no circumstances where a chaplain can disclose information revealed in the practice of his or her ministry without the client's informed permission.

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The end state of the HPT as a resource to the Commander is a visibly stronger, more resilient Airman who performs at his/her best mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually both on and off duty. The HPT encourages a culture where Airmen feel supported, work proactively to seek help when they need it, and encourage others to do the same. The desired outcomes are as follows:  

Meet the CSAFs intent and expectation to “develop and care for Airmen and their families” through proactive care via a team of subject matter experts who understand the relationship between the dimensions of wellness and collaborate to meet the needs of our Airmen who are available at the unit level and are accepted as part of the unit.  

More resilient and aware Airmen willing to seek care proactively  

Familiarity with and reduced stigma about interactions with caregivers  

Interaction with caregivers in a low threat, familiar, and comfortable environment  

From a caregiver perspective: A focus on the whole person concept rather than individual SMEs providing solutions only through their background.  

Airmen know they are supported and cared for by leadership  

Caregivers who meet regularly to share knowledge and allow for crossover and additional care, as required.

Human Performance Team


The purpose of this brochure is to provide key principles behind a HPT and provide some guidance on ways a Wg/CC or Group/ CC may employ the HPT’s capabilities and resources (means) to achieve the desired end state of caring for Airmen. The operational psychologist, operational and aerospace physiologist, flight surgeons and Religious Support Team (RST) realized RPA crew members frequently presented to each agency with issues they could address best collaboratively rather than independently. Ultimately, the HPT is the Wg/CC’s resource.

General Description

 Issue – Formally recognize and address the interrelated dimensions of wellness. In order  to meet the mental, spiritual, social, and physical needs of Airmen it is important to recognize there is an element of crossover between each dimension of wellness. Rather than being independent, the 4 dimensions of wellness are interdependent. If there is interconnectedness between the dimensions of wellness; to provide care for the whole Airman, it presupposes there should also be some interconnectedness between the helping professions.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) –  Each Flight Surgeon, Physiologist, Psychologist, and RST is a SME in their own area of training. A team model of care effectively leverages the professional’s individual areas of focus to bring a synergistic focus to the whole  person concept and dimensions of wellness. This comprehensive approach across the full spectrum of wellness is needed for areas where a conventional concept of care from a single SME may not fit the Airman’s specific needs. Toward that end, the HPT was created at Creech AFB.

Synopsis – HPT members intentionally network and communicate to ensure Airmen are cared for physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. The HPT utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach of care-givers whose goal is to optimize the performance of the military member. Each Airman has access to a known, familiar, support system with access to AF helping agencies and community resources. This care comes from SMEs who are embedded in units thereby reducing stigma and providing for proactive assistance.  

Objectives/Goals – Each HPT member leverages their area of expertise to synergistically aid in calibrating the human weapon system so that our military members are performing at their best mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually; not only as operators and wingmen, but also as fathers, mothers, spouses and friends.  

The desired effects for the HPT are as follows:

HPT members are engaged/embedded in units

HPT members are able to provide proactive care through building relationships/ reducing stigma of helping professions  

Multi-disciplinary approach toward 4 dimensions of wellness  

Build resiliency/implement Comprehensive Airman Fitness on a daily basis  

Provide encouragement/education  

HPT members may provide referrals and “warm hand-offs” based on intentional networking/relationship building within the team 

Increased appreciation/trust for fellow HPT members and their fields  

Active/engaged leadership is a core concept upon which the HPT is built and a significant contributing factor in its success. CC implementation of the HPT concept and key tenets is what enables the HPT to fully utilize its capabilities and resources.