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Chief Master Sergeant Newman grew up in Milford, Kansas and entered the Air Force in November 1994 under the delayed enlistment program. He began his active duty career on January 11, 1995. His background includes numerous roles at varying levels of Air Force and Joint Force units, which include, as an instructor for Air Base Defense operations, Phoenix Raven, leading combat operations as Squad leader, Flight Chief, as well as, Superintendent roles at Squadron, Group and Wing levels. Additionally, he was assigned as a Ranger instructor at the U.S Army’s Ranger School where he, built students for direct fire battle, using planning and squad/platoon combat platforms for deep behind enemy lines operations in the harshest conditions. He has conducted operations in Kuwait (Intrinsic Action), South America, Vietnam, Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, Korea, Thailand, New Orleans, and five separate locations in Africa, and worked as the Senior Enlisted Leader for Chabbelley Air Field, and its AFSOC unmanned armed ISR missions supporting Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in 2014.


Chief Master Sergeant Jamie L. Newman is the 432d Wing and 432d Air Expeditionary Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant, Creech Air Force Base, Nevada. He is the principal advisor to the commander and senior staff on operational matters and issues affecting the morale, welfare, safety compliance, and effective utilization of more than 2,700 active duty and government civilians in three groups. The wing has 16 squadrons, including three geographically separated squadrons at locations across the United States. The 432d Wing trains pilots, sensor operators, intelligence professionals, and other crew members in the mission to conduct persistent attack and reconnaissance combat operations worldwide.

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